Tabletop Minis That Make Us Say ‘Oh My God!’


Miniature painting as a hobby seems to be a bit of a distinctive beast, favored enough that you can find models or figures for almost everything under the sun. Each painting is unique in its own way and draws inspirations from various religious and cultural influences of the era and location it originated. The paintings are handmade with the numerous awesome resources available and famous worldwide for depicting the country's rich cultural heritage.

I love quality components and a ton of games are there that have some incredible miniatures. From concept art to sculpt and production, it is a golden age if you love toy soldiers in your war games. Whether their undeniably beautiful design or just a simple historical figure, here are a few tabletop figures painting that leaves me shaking my head.


Did you remember the Battle of The Alamo? These minis are produced in high-quality metal, 54mm scale, and hand-painted in detail with a fine eye for authenticity. The foot figures are a terrific choice for collectors of Alamo toy soldiers. These widely known miniatures are an amalgamation of the highest qualities designing, sculpting & finishing. The discerning collector can pick two figure battle vignettes, a mounted toy soldier, artillery and cannon figures, or select an individual metal toy soldiers. The figures are hand painted, historically accurate and richly detailed.


Well, these Dragoon Guard miniatures are simply fantastic figures and a complete treat to the eyes. These minis are a joy to see evolving from bare metal to full color. They are highly detailed, historically accurate and utterly charming. I have always loved the particular uniforms of the heavy cavalry of this period and I am very glad buying this unique looking rich historical pieces.


These display quality miniatures are beautiful yet functional pieces of art. These miniatures are equally found to be at home in the display cases as on the gaming tables. They are designed to deliver high-drama and expressiveness to your gaming table. The minis look beautiful and dramatic without costing an arm & a leg. From single minis to large armies, you can find them in every possible style.

Bottom Line

These tiny tabletop figures painting represent cultures from around the world and from prehistoric times up to the present. You don't need to be a history buff, but I think most people have at least a passing interest in the history of their culture or country or family. This can be a great excuse to delve into these mini interesting genres.

Got your favorite miniature? Share them in the comments below. 

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